Looking great has never been so easy!

Our fantastic waxing treatments are possible because we use this brilliant waxing brand, Lycon®.

Body area (single treatment)

Full Leg 40
¾ Leg 37
½ Leg, Upper 34
½ Leg, Lower 34
Full Back 36
Lower Back 30
Derrière "bum cheeks" 25
Full Arm 30
½ Arm 25
Chest 19
Abdomen 19
Naval Line 6

Additional Waxed Area

If you wish to have an extra area waxed, speak to your therapist & they will work out the cost for you.

No 1: Hollywood 57
No 2: Brazilian 57
No 3: Martini 57
No 4: G-String 43
No 5: Simply Bikini 37
Intimate Bum Only 21
Derrière "Bum Cheeks Only" Strip Wax 21
Intimate Bum & Bum Cheeks "Package" 36
Under Arm 18
Full Face 50
Inner Thigh Hot Wax

This area in not classed as part of your bikini area.

Lip & Chin 20
Eyebrow 19
Nostril 20
Lip 13
Chin 13
Neck 13
Sideburns 13

Beauty treatments are glorious, glamorous and invigorating luxuries in life.

Our elegant boutique is a haven of 4 luxury rooms, where we provide the highest standard of hair removal waxing treatments.

Want to book a treatment?

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Which bikini wax is best?

Read our descriptions below


1. Hollywood


2. Brazilian


3. Martini


4. G-String


5. Simply Bikini


ALL OFF - all hair in the bikini area and intimate areas (front and back) are removed, leaving you simply bare.

Hollywood Wax


The Brazilian Wax removes everything from the intimate areas of the bikini region (front and back) As well as the sides and top of the bikini area leaving a strip of hair any size or width at the front.

Brazilian Wax

Martini Wax

Same as the Brazilian, but will leave a triangler shape of hair at the front of your bikini area.

Martini Wax

G-String Wax

The G-String Wax follows the line of a G-String brief. It offers a higher cut bikini wax but does not remove hair from the labia or bottom areas.

G-String Wax

Simply Bikini Wax

This removes hair from the sides and the top of the knicker line on the front of the bikini area only.

Simply Bikini Wax

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